Sunday, July 1, 2012


Some of the "animal rights" people are just plain loonies. a New Hampshire woman was mauled by a black bear with gouges and cuts on both of her arms requiring 25 stitches when attacked by a black bear while walking her dog.
The NH fish and game department wants to capture and kill (euthanize) the animal, but a local "bear rehabilitator" said, "it doesn't sound like a killer bear....rather than just shooting the bear it would be a good idea to take the time and make sure there's a good reason"
What, track down the sow and ask her what made her do it?
Fish and Game officials say they can't take the chance the bear will attack someone again.
That makes more sense.
Meanwhile there were bear sightings in Winslow Township, NJ, again, and in Vineland police, animal control and fish and wildlife are trying to capture as many as three bears.
On the feathered front, six wild turkey poults were rescued from a water drain in Millville.
They seemed to have gotten separated from the mother and confused, but all were fine when removed from the storm drain.

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