Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some 6,000 cubic yards of demolition concrete that was to be dumped on the Great Egg Reef last month has been postponed until May 27, sea and weather conditions permitting. The goal of the state's artificial reef program is to provide habitat for fish and shellfish and recreation for hook and line anglers and scuba divers. The Division of Fish & Wildlife says any commercial operators who have gear set in the dumping area should haul it up or risk having it destroyed. Meanwhile the state Senate has passed S-221 - the "pots off the reefs" legislation.

Monday, March 28, 2011


In mentioning Bill Dettmar is last Sunday's print column I hit the deuce instead of the trey on the keyboard. His correct house phone number is (908) 359-1830. You can also e-mail him at His cell phone is (908) 625-7322.
I don't wear glasses when I type on the computer and that might be the problem. I've been transposing letters or numbers lately.
Bill just doesn't build or repair fly rods, but a full range of spinning and conventional reel rods and will make one to your specs.
I have an old saltwater glass rod I won at least 20 years ago and Bill is giving it a makeover with new guides and grip. So if you've got some gear laying around that could use an upgrade or are looking for a new toy for the coming fishing season, give Bill a shout.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Hackettstown Hatchery and plans are under way for a celebration. Hackettstown is the warm-water fish producing facility for New Jersey anglers and has been since the trout rearing work was shifted to Pequest when that operation got up and running.


Read a headline like the above and the first reaction of long-time Jersey hunters is "good luck with that."
The antis are so well organized, and financed, here in the Garden State that a proposal to allow hunting for "the bird of peace" is not likely to happen.
Never mind that it's great sport, tough shooting and doves taste good.
The Upland Game Committee of the Fish & Wildlife Council is working on getting a dove season.
As outdoor writer Jim Stabile e-mailed me, Michigan - where he used to work - has about a million hunters and they couldn't get a dove season passed.
You want to hunt doves, go across the river to Pennsylvania.


Trout Unlimited wants a Trout Conservation Area on the Flat Brook, specifically a 1.5 mile stretch that would be open to year-round fishing. The proposal doesn't say where exactly that stretch would be, but claims the current fly fishing stretch would remain unchanged.