Monday, March 28, 2011


In mentioning Bill Dettmar is last Sunday's print column I hit the deuce instead of the trey on the keyboard. His correct house phone number is (908) 359-1830. You can also e-mail him at His cell phone is (908) 625-7322.
I don't wear glasses when I type on the computer and that might be the problem. I've been transposing letters or numbers lately.
Bill just doesn't build or repair fly rods, but a full range of spinning and conventional reel rods and will make one to your specs.
I have an old saltwater glass rod I won at least 20 years ago and Bill is giving it a makeover with new guides and grip. So if you've got some gear laying around that could use an upgrade or are looking for a new toy for the coming fishing season, give Bill a shout.

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