Saturday, May 28, 2011


Black bears were taken in five of the seven counties where the 2010 hunt was held resulting in a total harvest of 592 animals according to the state.
As one would expect, Sussex County led the list with 338 bears taken by hunters with Warren County next with 112.
The average field-dressed female was 179 pounds and the average field dressed male was 257 pounds. The largest adult male was 651 pounds dressed with an estimated live weight of more than 750 pounds.
There were no hunting accidents reported for the six-day season.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


"Vegetarian" - Indian word for lousy shot. OK, it's an old joke but for those vegan types who cringe at chowing down on something that was once alive (how can they justify pulling those screaming carrots out of the ground?) here are some facts about a game dinner.
According to a wire service report, compared to standard red meat most game is considerably healthier. A pound of boneless elk, for example, has 496 calories. A pound of supermarket sirloin has 1,202.
A broiled tenderloin of deer is comparable to chicken in most nutritional categories except?
That would be iron. Venison supplies 48 percent of the daily value, a similar portion of chicken is only 3 percent.
And speaking of iron, what type of game supplies the most? Duck, squab (pigeon) or squirrel?
It would be the latter at 118 percent of the daily value.
See, I always said squirrel pot pie is great eating, and (without too much gravy and crust) good for you.
Bon appetit.