Sunday, August 19, 2012


The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and the Recreational Fishing  Alliance have an interesting and entertaining tiff going on about which outfit better serves the sporting public. It's been a blog war of words between Anthony P. Mauro Sr.,  honcho of the NJOA, and Jim Hutchinson, Jr. of the RFA. The issue, in this case, how to handle the "pots off the reefs" situation when it comes to commercial fishing.
Neither of the two men are at a loss for words. There's enough verbiage between the two to fill half the sports section. But you can find the point-counterpoint arguments by going to for his side of the story and comments from Hutchinson at Search around under "conservation" on the toolbar.
You can get the NJOA position by scrolling down the blog to "Summary: Turmoil, the Devil is in the Details."

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