Sunday, December 11, 2011


"The bears have taken over."
That was the word I got from an old colleague still hunting my former club in the Catskills up in Neversink River country.
He said he had a sow and cub right below his deer stand, but having no desire to shoot a bear shooed them away.
A neighboring camp tagged five black bears and one buck.
I just got back from Pennsy Sunday morning. Never saw a buck on my hill, but in truth I only sat in my blind about a total of six hours during the two week season since I had already filled my doe tag.
Of course there were deer tracks in the snow all around it when I went to take it down...must be the midnight shift of whitetails.
It was 12 degrees Sunday morning. Opening day, Dec. 5, it was pushing 70.
A friend, in his 61st deer season, killed a five-pointer in Mendham, but he knows the good spots and they're sure not on public land.

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